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Pro Sound Equipment Repair

Pro Sound Equipment Repair M.E.S. is the largest independent service center in the area, with our factory certified technicians and state of the art facility, we can handle all your repair needs. We make repairs on all types of pro sound gear including, mixing boards, effects processors, microphones, wireless mics, recording gear, amplifiers, speakers, etc.
speaker reconing

We also do Speaker Reconing and Repair!

M.E.S.  can repair or recone many speakers to make them perform like new at a fraction of the cost of new drivers.

Reconing available on most brands  - See our price chart below

 We also do speaker reconing and repair
Replacing the Foam Surround:

Size Kit Labor
  8 inch $50.00 $95.00

10 incn



12 inch $60.00 $95.00 
15 inch $65.00 $95.00 

 Price is for a pair of speakers.
JBL Reconing

Size  Labor Kit
12 inch $95 Call for JBL Price
15 inch $95 Call for JBL Price
18 inch $95 Call for JBL Price
Compression Drivers $59 Call for JBL Price

 These Prices are for Drivers out of the cabinets:
With the cabinets, Repair will be billed at  $95 per Hour.
All Prices Subject to Change

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