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Mobile Electronic Services (M.E.S) under new ownership will have six divisions: Home Theater Sales and Service, Luxury Coach and Recreational Vehicle Electronics Service, Commercial Audio and Video Installation, Audio and Video Production, Electronic Service Center, Law Enforcement Installation and Service, and Cell Tower Lighting Installation and Service (2018 startup).
M.E.S. Company's’ core belief is to put the same effort and quality into every client’s needs that we put into our own. No job is finished unless we can take personal pride in the finished product. This corporate philosophy has enabled M.E.S. Companies to remain an industry leader in the electronics-service industry over twenty years. Building upon M.E.S. Companies’ foundation of quality service and products, our current goal is to expand and diversify to other industries including cell towers maintenance and industrial rigging and government contracting.
The people driving business relationships are important to M.E.S. Companies; even though, we are selling high-quality products, M.E.S. realizes that it is the expertise of our leadership and associates that provide the essential component to serve our clients. Therefore, M.E.S is committed to the continuing education of our staff to spearhead the new needs in an ever changing marketplace. Having over two decades experience in the service industry confirms M.E.S.’s belief that our primary advantage in marketing our products and services is the simple idea that our listening first is the bedrock of success. Granted, the majority of our products and services are targeted to an audience we know and understand very well; nevertheless, beginning every interaction with engaged listening allows M.E.S. to interact on a more informed level with potential, as well as existing, clientele: listen first is a crucial component to our core belief in treating each customer as we would want ourselves to be served.

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