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Law Enforcement Equipment

M.E.S., in conjunction with city, state, and federal Law Enforcement Agencies, has developed a state of the art mobile-equipment package for installation into any vehicle. Utilizing state and city pre-authorized pricing, M.E.S. offers a complete prebuilt-equipment package, and an a la carte package to meet specialized individual equipment needs. We also carry a complete line of emergency lighting, sirens, in car/personal video recorders, and consoles for fire departments and other emergency vehicles including bomb disposal units, scene command vehicles / trailers.  Vehicular customization is a key element in meeting today’s multifaceted emergency response needs; for first responders, who spend most of their days in a vehicle, having an ergonomic environment for their tools and alert devices can be the difference between minutes in a life and death situation. M.E.S.’s ability to adapt equipment for the individual user and overall department is a large benefit.  Our meticulous installation records provide a step up in helping with remote service and future installations--often repeating installations mirroring previous setups in new vehicles.

With the multiplicity of situations first responders face, M.E.S. customization affords the ability to engage nearly any predicament.  We help provide access to city, state and federal funding that enables departments to access all the tools needed for their jobs. Additionally, to meet any department’s budget needs, all installations are performed on a time and materials--no two departments have the same needs or preferences so we can hit them all every time.

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