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Flat Screen TV is Here to Stay!
When most people think of "Flat TV", they immediately think of thin panel displays (technically called flat panel plasma or PDP). However, "Flat TV" really can be used to describe all TVs that have a flat screen instead of the normal rounded screen on older or less sophisticated TVs. Projection TVs have had flat screens for years, and now many normal glass tube sets, and the previously mentioned plasma units now incorporate this feature. LCD displays, and other newer technologies will also have flat screens.

What then, are the advantages of these types of sets? Number one is the reduction of glare. Of course, you will still see light or objects that are directly in front of the unit, but glare from things like floor lamps that are to the sides or top of the screen will be greatly reduced. Take a look at your oldest TV in your house, and you will see just how rounded the picture tube is. (You will probably also notice that the older TV has a green or gray look to the screen, where the newer flat screens are blacker, thus yielding better colors and contrast.)

When light hits the new flat screen at an angle, it bounces back at the same angle, but in the other direction. Think of it like you’re playing a game of pool and you bounce a shot off the side of the table. The older round tubes basically bounce it right back at the light source, which is usually by you, therefore producing glare.

Another advantage to a flat screen is referred to as an improvement in "geometric distortion", which is a fancy way of saying that things like football uprights, when viewed to the side of the TV will still look straight. Your older sets will make them appear curved.

One last advantage offered by flat screen TVs is a wider viewing angle compared to the older round tubes. Also, they just really look cool, and there is something to be said for that.

Over the next several months, I will be discussing topics such as high definition TV (HDTV), flat panel plasma sets, and normal vs. widescreen TV displays.

If you have any questions about the information just presented on flat screen TV, be sure to give me a call, or stop at our new showroom for a demonstration.

Greg Thill
M.E.S. Home Theatre

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